The Palestinian cause has been used as a diversionary tactic for a long time, since the 1960s, to call attention away from the Arabs being realistic, responsible, and cleaning up their own crap: abuse of their own people. The Palestinians have been used and abused by their leaders (and leaders from other nations), kept in […]

Which Form of Judaism is More Authentic and Honest? Messianic or Rabbinic?

Modern Rabbinic, also known as Pharisaic Judaism, was born at the Counsel of Yavne (Jamnia), between the years 70-90AD. This is when the current Hebrew Text which became known as the Proto-Masoretic Text was chosen as the universal Bible for all Jewish people, by the Rabbis at Yavne. Christianity and the most significant parts of […]

Let’s Talk Truth About: The Sabbath Day

Let’s talk Sabbath. Here is some history for you. I hope you like History like I do? Otherwise, why are you coming back to my blog so much (Thank You for doing that!). 😉   Some people are concerned that the Roman Calendar changed the Sabbath day from it’s real observance to the a different […]

Secrets of Hearing God & Change (Special Inside)…

Do you have something you want to change or achieve in your life? Maybe you’d like to… => Know that you HEAR the voice of God and KNOW when he answers => Overcome an issue that has been holding you back => Start a business => Get a new career (or a raise) => Get […]