Church: How do you respond to Jewish Believing Scholars who contradict what you believe?

Pastors and Teachers What do you think about this subject, is it even on your radar?   Because of what God has been doing in raising up significant numbers of Jewish believers in Jesus for the last 40 years, especially for the last 20 in Israel. There is now a growing and significant number of […]

The “Church has Replaced Israel” is a Heresy?

The Primary Reason Paul wrote the Book of Romans: Antisemitism   Background The historian Suetonius records that Roman Emperor Claudius banished Jews from Rome in AD 49 because there had been rioting at the instigation of one called Chrestus (“Claudius ‘Iudaeos impulsore Chresto assidue tumultuantes Roma expulit” [Claudius 25])  See Guthrie, NTI, p. 393; Cranfield, p. 16. The […]