There is no such thing as a “Renewed” Mosaic Covenant?

A friend and I were talking about Hebrews 7 a little bit. This is my response to her, in brief. What do you think? The New Testament actually gives about 1000 commandments. That is more than the Mosaic Covenant. The book of Hebrews goes out of its way to explain the Old Testament legal code […]

Fairytales much older than previously thought, say researchers

I find this kind of research fascinating in that it proves the existence of an original culture of Humanity that predates the creation of “languages” just as the Bible stays… Fairytales much older than previously thought, say researchers Study of fairy story origins traces some back thousands of years, with one tale dating back as […]

The Myth of Jewish Rejection of Jesus

The Myth of Jewish Rejection of Jesusby Paul Sumneroriginal link:“Now when he was in Jerusalem at the Passover many believed in his name… many of the multitude believed in him… many came to believe in him… many of the Samaritans believed in him… a great many of the priests became obedient.” (John 2:23; 7:31; 8:30; […]

The Apocalypse of Daniel

The Apocalypse of Daniel Chapter one According to the God-spoken word which says: “When you hear of wars and rumors of wars, nation will fight against nation, and kingdom against kingdom, earthquakes, plagues and deviations of stars. Then the bush which restrains the sons of Hagar will dry up. And three sons of Hagar will […]

The Bahir

What is the Sefer ha-Bahir? The Bahir is one of the oldest and most important of all Kabbalistic texts. Until the publication of the Zohar, the Bahir was the most influential source of Kabbalistic teachings. It is quoted in virtually every major Kabbalistic work and is cited numerous times by the Ramban in his commentary […]

Jews are indigenous to Israel, and why Palestinians are not

Under UN guidelines Jews are indigenous to Israel, Palestinians are not, hence those who argue “for Palestinian ‘indigenous rights’ are usually those who have little grasp of the history, and no understanding of the truth behind indigenous rights.” By Ryan Bellerose   Click Here to Get the Report, “Myths & Facts About the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict” I am […]

Bible Expert’s Surprising Findings About Jews and Judaism Revealed in the New Testament

Posted: 01/05/2016 10:01 am EST Updated: 01/05/2016 10:59 am EST Jews and Judaism in the New Testament. Photo by Chynna Starr It’s well known that Christianity sprang from a Jewish context. While there may be controversy about Jesus’ Judaism vs. the traditional Judaism of the Sanhedrin, the ruling body of Judaism in the first century, […]

What the Bleep Does the Bible Say About Profanity? Political correctness, vulgarity and the scandalous nature of God’s Word.

  One of my favorite and most uncomfortable memories as a Bible professor was when I had Old Testament scholar, Tremper Longman, give a guest lecture on the Song of Songs. Tremper specializes in ancient near Eastern love poetry. No, he’s not some creepy old guy who gets off on ancient erotic fiction. He’s an […]

Paul’s Profanity – Sailor’s Language in the New Testament? Yes

Philippians chapter 3 is a very uplifting chapter.  Paul describes his previous life and how he had considered works of the flesh to be his righteousness.  He talks about how he has left everything for the Gospel and even considers what he’s lost as nothing compared to the glory of Christ which he has been […]

The Heretical Eth Cepher Bible?

I really am all for people exploring and being excited about the Jewish Roots of their faith but there is a serious lack of discernment going on in a great many people who are attracted to the “Hebrew Roots” movement. They just do not study its cultic roots! Concerning the “Sacred Name” Bible called the Eth […]