Statement of Faith

Many people have been asking me about my statement of faith. I’ve been reticent to offer one for various reasons. A friend and I put together for a project I am involved with, and I agree with it completely. I think it is pretty good. I have no problem considering this my personal Statement of Faith. […]

Gospel Cafe, To The Jew First Radio, Messianic Congregation

Shalom (Peace)! 🙂 Just wanted to give you an update about what’s going on these days. Gospel Cafe Update: We’re working hard at looking at properties for the “Gospel Cafe” in Dinky Town at the University of Minnesota campus this Spring. In case you’re not familiar with this project, the founding non-profits all have a […]

Supersessionism (aka: Replacement Theology) is a cancer that leads to Antisemitism.

The Error of Replacement Theology by Clarence H. Wagner, Jr. Perhaps you have heard of the term Replacement Theology. However, if you look it up in a dictionary of Church history, you will not find it listed as a systematic study. Rather, it is a doctrinal teaching that originated in the early Church. It became […]