What is the Root of Bitterness? (aka: the opposite of love)

Cause & Effect. Choices & Consequences.   Do we teach our children these simple cosmic rules, then fail to model them ourselves?   I had a revelation years ago,while breaking crackers from a church stage (ie., presenting Jesus in the Passover), where God showed me that Matthew 6:15 (Cause) and 1 Corinthians 11:30 (Effect) are […]

Why are Orthodox Jews EXCITED about a New Testament Discovery?

Have you heard about The Oldest known example of a written Midrash? You may not think that sounds important, but it is. It is the Oldest known Interpretation in writing of the first 6 books of the Bible ever discovered. Here is the entire 5-part video, 1:51:33 long from Root-Source, an Orthodox Jewish organization based […]