The Baptism of Jesus from a Jewish Perspective

The Baptism of Jesus from a Jewish Perspective



Why did Jesus have to get baptized by is cousin John? Why did John have to be the one to baptize Jesus? What kind of baptism was it that John used to baptize Jesus, and what does it have to do with Abraham and Isaac? This is important stuff!



The Baptism of Jesus - Front CoverWhat is missing in the "traditional" way Baptism is explained in a church? What do you know about the Jewish side of the story? What concepts intrigue you? Confuse you?

One of the subjects including is, 'Why John?"

What was it about that man in particular that made him the perfect prophet for the right time? (Bet you've not heard a sermon on that subject, have you?)

Why was John considered a prophet and what does this have to do with Baptism?

There are many misconceptions about Baptism of the believer. Some teach that Baptism is simply and outward expression of the internal spiritual commitment. Others teach that it is a requirement, a sacrament. While all of these may be true, there is a background story that is rarely taught, understood and mostly unknown to most pastors.

You may have heard that John’s baptism was for repentance alone, and this is true. However, what is missing from this simple description is the purpose and history of that specific form of baptism John was practicing and the authority, which he carried in Israel.

In contemporary Judaic Religious tradition of the day those pagans (non-Jewish people), who wished to convert to Judaism have to go through a very specific ritual of Baptism. Moreover, this was the very form of baptism that John was using to baptize Jewish people—which is one of the things that made him a Prophet.

In order to understand what John was doing you need a little more background and this work provides what is missing...


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