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    • Unlocking secrets in the Bible that have been hidden for centuries, author Tov Rose goes where no author has gone before in bringing an old revelation about God into the 21st Century. 

      Using the book of Genesis as practical application, Tov clearly shows which three names of God represent GOD the Father, and which others represent His Son, The Word of GOD. He doesn't stop there, however. 

      "I discuss a number of taboo subjects in this book," says Tov, "including some overlooked and ignored issues in Bible scholarship. For example, did you know that the very letters of the Divine Name can be translated into words and the actual vowel markings for the Unspeakable Name can be themselves translated into words? Just imagine what that does for Bible translation!" 

      Some of the topics covered in Genesis Unbound include:

-       How to identify the names of the Living Word of God in the Hebrew Bible

-       What three (3) Names of GOD are only ever used for GOD the Father?

-       The Name of God controversy in the today's Messianic movement

-       Why the Massoretes choose the vowel markings for the Divine Name, and are they of Inspired by God?

-       How do you translate the Hebrew Vowels, and what mysteries does doing so reveal? 

-       Who is the Biblical Abram/Abraham, from his own cultural perspective?

-       What are Hebrew Hieroglyphs and why they are important to modern scholarship and believers? 

-       What is the meaning of the Hebrew word, ET? And Why it is significant to Christians. 

-       What happens when you translate the names of every person, place and thing in the Book of Genesis?

-       Did you know that God said in Genesis that He took Abraham out of “The Fire of the Sorcerers” to bring him to a new land that he and his descendants would live in forever? And that Abraham’s brother’s name means, “burnt one”?

One thing is certain, this book promises to change the way you read and understand your Bible. Top Books



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