Did the name Jesus name originate from the Greek god Zeus?

Did the name Jesus name originate from the Greek god Zeus?


The answer is NO.


The word “Jesus” is the product of a long transliteration process.


First, we started with the original Hebrew Y’HOSHUA.


Second, Y’HOSHUA was shortened to Y’SHUA. (Just like Mike is the short version Michael)


Third, Y’SHUA was transliterated into Greek.


Fourth, Y’SHUA was transliterated into Latin.


Finally, Y’SHUA was transliterated into English which is where we get “Jesus“.


I hear people saying that the word “Jesus” is invalid because there is no “J” in Hebrew but I never hear them complaining about other Biblical names that start with “J” like Joseph for example.


The truth is over time and through different languages, the pronunciation and sounds of words evolve.


Here’s a quick snapshot look at how the name of the Messiah evolved:




–IESHUA (In Greek, ‘IE’ sound was similar to YE)


-IESHUA (Greek didn’t have a letter for AYIN)


-IESOU (Greek also didn’t have letter for the Hebrew SHIN)


-IESOUS (The ‘S’ was added because in Greek names normally end in ‘S’)


-IESUS (The KJV translators decided to drop the ‘O’ from IESOUS)


-JESUS (Modern English replaced the ‘I’ with the ‘J’)


Another reason Jesus could not have come from Zeus is that Zeus begins with the Greek letter ZETA.


However, there is no ZETA or Z sound in the English transliteration “Jesus“


So I don’t think the name “Jesus” is of the devil or pagan in its origins.


However, I will say this.


It is a heck of a long way from the original name the Messiah was called by when he preached in the streets of Jerusalem.


I don’t think Yeshua would have recognized the word “Jesus” as being his name.


Ultimately, here is where I stand on this issue.


If we know and can easily say the Messiah’s true name as it was pronounced in Hebrew, why not use that name?


In other words, why not use the name “Yeshua“?


When we use his true and historical given Hebrew name, it brings us closer to the people to whom he was sent, the Jewish people.


I would say it also helps us bridge the gap between Jewish and Gentile believers and brings us closer to realizing that vision of one new body in Messiah comprised of both Gentile and Jewish believers.


Given that Yeshua is easy to say out loud and is his historical given name, I would like to propose that we all use his Hebrew name YESHUA which means salvation.



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