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Did you know I am also a creative writer who loves satire?

Please, enjoy!

In addition to celebrating the anniversary of the birth of Jesus, the savior of the world, on December 25th, I would like to invite my friends to join me in a joyful celebration on January 1 (Luke 2:24, Leviticus 14:22), commemorating Messiah's circumcision and inclusion in the family of Abraham (Genesis 17:10-12).

During this new celebration inspired by Jesus' Jewish family's tribal tradition for this ceremony revealing his Jewish name, Salvation, to the world for the first time, we will commemorate the event by drinking red wine in remembrance of the blood of the lamb (John 6:56). We will do this because prior to the excising of this unnecessary human skin (Philippians 3:21), wine was given to him to dull the pain, as has been done for all male Praisers of God in the traditional ceremony.

May this remind us that at the end of His life in the City of Peace, Israel, the Prince of Peace
(Isaiah 9:6), was given no wine to dull His pain as He willingly gave his flesh to be shredded in preparation for being asphyxiated during crucifiction by uncircumcised pagan Romans (Gentiles), so we all, both Praisers of God (Jews), and Gentiles (praisers of false gods), could have access to Eternal Life with Him (Psalm 22 & 23) through the sacrifice of this Lamb of God who came, exactly as prophesied by Father Abraham (Genesis 22:8, John 1:29), to be the replacement for his son Isaac (Laughter, Genesis 18:9-15). May we laugh Along with Abraham, Sarah, Isaac and Father God (as in Psalm 2:4) and rejoice forever in His Son's triumph over his (and our) enemies (Psalm 2:12).

(Note: you really do want to look up the verses!
This is an example of how the Apostle Paul wrote his letters using an interpretative and teaching method known as Midrash}


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