Why do Messianics Write G-D, instead of God?

The Messianic Movement and writing the word, G-D. Do we not realize that the only time our unbelieving Jewish religious brethren write the title in this form, G-D, it is done on physical objects like paper? There is no such mandate by them for electronic forms like on social media. So, feel free to write […]

Poking the Proverbial Bear in the Eye (Again): Christians and Alcohol, Yes or No?

Yes, I am going to poke the bear in the eye again! What I am calling for is balanced teaching on Christians and Alcohol, because there is severe lack of it in Christian circles and has been since Prohibition took hold of the church during WWI. What started out as a good thing became biased […]

“Faith comes by hearing, and hearing…” But, Hearing What?

How often have you heard this popular Scripture verse, Roman’s 10:17 taught in such a way that you come away with an understanding of it that goes something like this? “Faith comes by hearing and hearing…so read your Bibles silently in your prayer room, over coffee and before bed silently while your spouse is sleeping […]

Jewish People Have No Real Objection to the Trinity?

“One of the conclusions that I came to, to my shock, when I finished this book [The Bodies of God and The World of Ancient Israel], is that we Jews have no theological objection to the Trinity. We Jews for centuries have objected to the Trinity, have labeled it pagan, have said: ‘Well, that’s clear. […]

How Would You Summarize the Bible? Here is my short attempt.

How would you summarize the Bible? Here is my short summary: The whole Bible is written by Jews (Romans 3:1-2, I John 1:1, 3), about Jews and the God of the Jews. It is about His relationship with His Jewish people (Deuteronomy 26:18, Jeremiah 31:31, Isaiah 43:1-23), and His personal Land (Ezekiel 35), that He […]

Gaslighting. What is it? Have you Experienced it?

“Gaslighting” Do you know the term? I didn’t know it when it happened to me–several times. A doctor, a teacher, a series of supervisors, a pastor… the list can go on and on, because it is very common, even in, of all places–politics. It happens when one person tries to convince another to second-guess their […]

The Oldest Midrash Has Growing Interested in Israeli Orthodox Jewish Community (Update)

Videos, as promised. Orthodox Rabbi is excited about something in the New Testament that connects it to the Old Testament! This is the first two videos of a series of planned videos by an Orthodox Rabbi (who is also a member of the Israeli Kinneset). This month, the month of Tishri, will be the month […]

Tov Planning an Upcoming Conference: Help Name It?

For an event focused on helping you take back your life from the devil and finally end repetitive traumas from rejection, abandonment and fear, with a key component being how to receive the unconditional Love of God: What would be a good name? Help me pick it!   Take the Survey to Pick the Name: https://survey.app.do/name-tov-s-upcoming-conference/Mhopidvz