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Tōv is a versatile and dynamic speaker, known for his ability to engage people, and the quality, breadth, and depth of the content of his Speaking, Workshops and Writing. He teaches from his life experiences and via research-based knowledge and application. He freely shares life experiences and lessons in an effort to connect with people and point them to hope and healing. 

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Keynotes - 45 to 90 Minute Speaking Engagements

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·         Custom Keynote

Do you have a special message you want to get across to your audience? Tov can help you develop and deliver for you a custom keynote incorporating your message. Call for details and pricing for this premium service.

Full-Day Private Workshops

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·         Custom Workshops

Do you have a special message you want to get across to your audience? Tov can help you develop and deliver for you a custom keynote incorporating your message. Call for details and pricing for this premium service.

Two- and Three-Day Private Workshops

·         Choose Your Topic from the List Below

·         Custom Workshops

Do you have a special message you want to get across to your audience? Tov can help you develop and deliver for you a custom keynote incorporating your message. Call for details and pricing for this premium service.

Pricing for Engagements in the United States

·         Keynotes up to 90 Minutes: $1500

·         Full-Day Private Workshops: $3,500

·         Two- and Three-Day Workshops: $6,000 - $10,000


Deposit of at least 50% of the speaker's fee is required at booking. The remainder is due no later than two business-days prior to the engagement. There is a 5% discount for engagements paid in full at time of booking with at least 45 days’ notice.

Special arrangement requests and International events will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

Travel Expenses

Travel Expenses will be your responsibility. For all events booked in the contiguous United States, unrestricted round trip coach or other airfare for the speaker with any airline is acceptable. For all events outside mainland USA, business-class travel for the speaker through American or Delta Airlines is required. Ground transportation and moderate meals will be reimbursed to speaker within 30 days of the engagement. Hotels should be guaranteed for late arrival and billed directly to your organization. 

Special arrangement requests and International events will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

Cancellation Policy

If the program is cancelled for any reason more than sixty (60) days prior to the agreed date, it is our policy to reschedule (within the reasonable time of 12 months) for the same fee. Should you be forced to cancel the program sixty days or less before the date of the program the full speaking fee is due and payable by the date of the original program.

Audio/Video Rights

All speaking engagements contain copyrighted material and may not be reproduced or distributed without the permission of Tov Rose. Audio and/or video rights are negotiable.

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Additional Sample Topics TOV can bring to your event whether the event is religious or not!

Teachings, Writings & Selected Presentations


Why Christians Don’t Connect with the Rest of the World and How to Fix it

Negotiating Faith in the Workplace

The History of Faith & The Entertainment Industry

Negotiating Faith the Set, in the Studio, on Location, On the Road

How to be a person of faith in the Industry

Ministering in the Entertainment Industry

Current Events & The Middle East:

The Middle East in Prophecy

Understanding The Arab/Israeli Conflict

80-years of Continuous Nazi Incitement

Israel: God’s Time Clock

The Great War to Come

Overview of Islam: What They Believe & Teach About Christians

The Rise & Fall of Islam

The Time of Jacob’s Trouble

The One World Government is Here to Stay

The Intentional Destruction of America

Secret Societies: Not so Secret

Aliens & UFO’s: What They Really Are and Why It Matters

Islam Will Conquer the World:

·        What it is

·        Where it Comes From

·        Where it is going

·        How it Ends

·        The Goddess They Worship

History, Science & Archeology:

2000 Years of Jewish Believers in Jesus & The Church

How Science Proves the Bible

Forbidden Archeology

The Heavens Declare the Glory of GOD: The Biblical Zodiac

Physics and the Bible (Hebrews Chapter 1)

Christian & Jewish Myths:

Paul: A Jewish Rabbi Teaching Non-Jewish People

Did Paul Create a New Religion?

Paul the Plagiarist?

Christian Fables:

·         Easter              

·         Christmas

·         Santa

·         Wise Men

·         And a Whole Lot More

TEN Christian Myths  

·         Old Testament:

1.          God created man to spend eternity in Heaven

2.          The Torah (Pentateuch) is made up of 5 separate books

3.          The Old Testament is an historical document

4.          The Old Testament is all about legalism

5.          The Old Testament is a chronological story

·         New Testament

6.          Replacement Theology

7.          Covenant Theology

8.          Renewed Covenant/Kingdom Now Theology

9.          All Christians will be part of the rapture

10.       Being saved makes you a disciple of Jesus Christ

Biblical Holidays:

Messiah in the Passover

Messiah in the Feast of First Fruits

Messiah in Pentecost

The Fall Feasts of Israel

The Day of Atonement

Jesus in The Feasts of Israel

Jesus in The Feast of Esther

Hanukkah: Messiah, the Light of the World      

Christmas is a Jewish Holiday

Israel’s Healing

Israel’s King and His Kingdom

Holocaust Memorial Day

The Feast of Trumpets/The Jewish New Year

The Feast of Tabernacles

The Spring Holidays of Israel


What is Biblical Evangelism?

How to Witness/Evangelism Seminar

The Biblical Basis for Jewish Evangelism

The Priority of Jewish Evangelism

To the Jew First (Romans 1)?

The Gentile Role in Jewish Evangelism - Romans 9-11

Messiah in the Hebrew Scriptures (Traditional Messianic Prophesy)

The Good News, From the (Hebrew Bible) Old Testament

The Gospel in Genesis

The Gospel According to Moses

The Gospel in Leviticus

The Gospel in Psalm 68

Christian Doctrines:

The New Covenant or a Renewed Covenant?  

What the Rabbis Say About


The Meaning of Jesus’ First Miracle in the Light of Jewish Sources

Kingdom Government Characteristics & Components

Democracy/Republic vs


Office of the Godhead: 

Father  & Jesus - The Distinctions Between Father and Son

5-fold ministry

Elders vs. deacons

Christian Foundations:

John’s Baptism: What it Really Is & Why it Matters: The Sacrifice of Isaac

Biblical Baptism(s)

·         Fire

·         Water

·         Repentance

·         And More…

The Miracles of Jesus Are not Predicted in the Old Testament: Why they were Required?

Communion: God will not forgive if…

The Covenant of Salt: You Can’t Be Saved Without It

The God of the Old Testament: Jesus or His Father?

The Genealogies of Jesus: King, God, Man

The Old Testament Books as presented in Hebrew Bible: The Theology of Biblical Cannon

Tabernacle = A Figure of Jesus

The Off-Color Jokes & Puns in the Biblical Text & The Apostle Paul’s un-Translated Foul Language

Being A Man of Faith: The Biblical View of Manhood

Accountability for Men

Why Men Can’t Stand Churches: Why Drinking, Gambling, Hunting, Guns and Machismo are Good Things

How to Love a Woman


Approaching the Throne of Grace Properly: The Tabernacle

Why I Hate Christian Music/Or:  Who Learns Theology from Immature Song Writers?

Social Myths, Discipleship, Education:

What is a Disciple?

What is Heaven and Where is It & What is It?

What Really Happens When You Die?

Job: Nine Months of Hell in the Life of One Man

God’s Unbreakable Promises: A Proper Understanding the Eternal Biblical Covenants vs. Conditional Covenants

The Pentateuch (Torah) is: A Book!

The Theology of Moses is the Theology of Jesus & Paul

The Emmaus Road Revelation: What was revealed?

 Ignorance is a Choice that Will Kill You

The Myth of Adolescence: Social Engineering the Destruction of Nations

The Anti-Gospel: Historic Religions, Philosophies & Mythology

Psychology: The Intentional Creation of a Secular Religion to Replace Biblical Christianity

Heaven & Hell: Eternal Life & Eternal Living Death      

The Truth: You Will Not Live in Heaven Forever!

The End—is Just the Beginning: What will Eternity Look Like for Christians?

If You Don’t Believe the Bible, Can You Call Really Yourself A Christian?

Why A Dispensationalist is Right—and Wrong

The 21st Century “Christian” Cults: Why Are Most Christians Members?

America’s Pastors? The Poison of Mega Church Theology

Modern Messianic Heresies


End Times Prophesy Applied to Current Events

The Days of Noah: Here We Go Again

The Watchers of Daniel & Isaiah: The Bible & The Book of Enoch

The Giants of the Bible: Genetic Manipulation Past, Present & Future

The Two Babylon’s of Revelation

Jerusalem, New Jerusalem, The Garden of Eden & The Four Corners of the Earth: What’s the Connection?

Genesis and Revelation: The Beginning is Like the End

End Times Prophesy (The Bible Books of Revelation, Daniel & Enoch)

The Book of Acts is a Past Tense Book: Only in America

Spiritual Discernment:

How to Minister in a Faithless World

Helping Those Who Can’t Help Themselves

The Spiritual Roots of Disease (Health & Healing for Today)

Health, Faith & God: How We Think Effects Our Health

Overcoming Spiritual Abuse

Sin & Spirit World Realities

The Seven Steps to Sin: Learn to Sin Like You Mean It!

The Father’s Love

The 9-R’s to Freedom

Distinction & Connection Between Soul and Spirit

Satan & His Kingdom: Who They Are, Where they come From, How they are Structured and How they Deceive
Overcoming the Strongholds of the Enemy:

·         Bitterness

·         Accusation

·         Door Points & Traumas

·         Occultism

·         Envy & Jealousy

·         Rejection

·         Unloving

·         Addictions

·         Fear

·         Blocks to Healing

·         Walking Out to Wholeness

The Occult:

·          Real Power

·          False Miracles

·          Signs & Wonders

·          Aliens

·          UFO’s

Contact Information

Tov Rosefounder
The Entertainment Industry ChaplainsPO BOX 22231 | Saint Paul | MN 55122

Tel: (651) 686-5600
e-mail: chaplains@thechaplains.org

www.TheChaplains.org | www.TovRose.com
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TOV Rose is a Bible teacher, chaplain, inspirational speaker, television producer, performer, pastor, founder of The Entertainment Industry Chaplains and Author of The Book of GOD: For Men 

(Every Man's Handbook for Knowing GOD): 

To book TOV for an interview or speaking engagement, contact the staff.

For more information about TOV's speaking topics, visit his Speaking page, or visit his Press Kit page to download a media/Speaker Kit.



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