Why you should be upset, too: UN Agenda 21 just hit me in my personal @#$%^&*

Yesterday I received a letter in the mail from the City of Eagan, MN (www.cityofeagan.com/inflow). I typically throw letters away that come from the city, because there's rarely anything in them that is of relevance to me that I don't already get on the local news reports or in the local newspaper. 

I couldn't have been more wrong about this one and I am very happy I actually opened it! What stood out to me more than anything else was the blatant illegal implantation of United Nations Rule 41, and the lack of due process in imposing fees and penalties for non-compliance, imposed on my city (and their complete compliance), by this completely un-elected body known as the Metropolitan Council. 
Then there's also the seriousness of unlawful search of my personal residence. 
Of course, my family home comes under the $500 per month in illegally imposed government penalties. 
It is important to note that the Un-Elected Metropolitan Council has spent decades mandating that cities in their governance area build multifamily homes, which means that a substantial number of these homes now exist, such as mine. What this amounts to is an illegal tax, penalty for non-compliance (even for compliance if my residence is found at fault), without due process. 
Welcome to America. Land of the oppressed and citizens without voice?
You can find out more here on my blog:
Dated October 31, 2011,
As you were informed in a previous letter, the City of Eagan is conducting a city-wide internal residential and commercial property inspection program aimed at reducing the amount of storm water and groundwater entering into the metropolitan sanitary serer system. The problem is called inflow and infiltration (I&I).  Eagan is one of the 37 metro communities that pas a surcharge for generating too much storm water, exceeding plant and pipe capacities and requiring unnecessary treatment by the sanitary sewer system.
The inspections are necessary to find and eliminate the sources of these excessive flows as mandated to Eagan by the Metropolitan Council Environmental Services (MCES).
Inspections are Mandatory
You MUST respond to this notice within 30 days of the date of this letter or fees will be assessed to your Utility Bill.

You are receiving this letter because your property is located in a sewer district that is contributing large flows of clearwater into the sewer system. The inspector will be looking for properly piped sump pumps, roof downspouts and foundation drains. There is NO CHARGE for this inspection, but there will be a SURCHARGE ADDED to your Utility Bill if you do not contact us within 30 days to schedule this inspection.
The City of Eagan has contracted with the consulting firm SEH Inc. to conduct the internal inspections , which will take approximately one half hour. A person at least 18 years of age must be present during the entire inspection process. The inspectors will have to enter your utility/mechanical room to inspect the sewer system. Rental tenants are responsible for informing their landlord of the inspection and providing them with the results. 
Appointments are available Monday-Friday, 7:00am through 5 p.m.
To schedule an appointment
Contact SEH by phone at: 651-470-2788, or by email at tvannote@sehinc.com

On the reverse side is additional important information you need to know about the Inflow/Infiltration inspection process. If you have additional questions, please contact [t]he Eagan Utilities Division at 651-675-5200.
Thank you in advance for your cooperation and environmental stewardship.
Why Are Inspections Mandatory?
Most residential and commercial properties in the Midwest have been built with a piping system around the foundation to collect rainwater, groundwater, or snow-melt to remove it from the structure before it seeps into your basement. However, when a a sump pump or other pipes are improperly connected into the sanitary sewer system, the system and the treatment plants become overloaded and sewer backups can occur or raw sewage could overflow into lakes, streams, and ponds during large storm events. This is not good for your health or the environment, and it makes the cost of treating waste-water much more expensive. The only way to find these sources of clear water connections is through an internal inspection of the sewer system serving each property in Eagan.
What happens during the Inspection?
A certified City inspector will meet you at you at your property and will examine your sewer system to see if there are any improper connections. He will need full access to the lowest living level of your home to inspect sump basin and pump connections. A copy of the inspection results will be provided when finished. 
What Happens After the Inspection?
Upon completion of the inspection there will be one of two results. Either your property will be found compliant and the City will issue a certificate of Compliance (you will not have to do anything further); or your property will me identified as non-comliant and you will mailed a Corrective Work Order identifying what must be done to bring it into compliance with City Codes.
Non-compliance simply means your property has an improper connection to the sewer system or there are problems with your sump system. At this point you will be given 60 days to make necessary corrections or repairs. You may do the work yourself or hire a licensed plumber or certified pipe-layer contractor. However, a City Permit is required for all repair work regardless of who does it.
Please Note: The City Council has adopted a Policy whereby the City will pay for 50% of the cost to make the necessary corrective repairs for single family residential properties. 

If you do not schedule and inspection, or fail to make repairs on a non-compliant property, the following SURCHARGES WILL BE ADDED TO YOUR UTILITY BILL:
$150 PER MONTH for single family properties
$500 PER MONTH for all others
(Until the inspections are scheduled or the repairs completed)

Still Have Questions?
Contact Eagan Utilties at 651-675-5200 or go to: www.cityofeagan.com/inflow

 Saint Paul: 651-686-5600
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Manhattan: 917-720-8128
Nashville: 615-673-4159
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