As Adopted children of the King, how do you treat your natural born siblings?

Posting this again,  but with further comments about perspective at the end:


Pastors and others:

Lots of Christians now celebrate passover, because it is God’s wedding feast with Israel. JESUS gave it new meaning by making it a foreshadow event of the wedding/marriage supper of the Lamb of God who takes away the sin of the world. It is the wedding motif that holds together the entire New Testament story. Passover is the heart of the story. From it come the wedding cup, which is the cup the bride drinks when she accepts her groom. We are the bride of the Messiah of Israel. Jesus took the bread after dinner representing the body of the slain lamb sacrificed for the sin of Israel. He called it his body. Gentiles are adopted into Israel. As adopted children, don’t you want to know the family history and its fulfillment in Messiah?


How do you think the family you have been adopted into feels, when you–a blood bought member of the family– rejects that family’s culture, traditions, and special days?


How do you think the family feels when you choose to go your own way, refusing to even learn the basics of family life, when you reject coming to family meals, or take it a step further—call the natural born members of the family names and accusing them of trying to force family legalism on you, when the family is just trying to help you? Or, when )trying to include you in family fun activities, or family meetings, how do you react?


Would that make you ungrateful for being adopted?


Would that make you a prodigal?


I am not name calling, just reasoning “out loud.”



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