Rhetorical Critical Thinking Question of the day, #490

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Rhetorical Critical Thinking Question of the day, #490

1. If you're adopted by my Great grandfather, into his family traditions and worldview, does that automatically make you adopted into my dad's home as one my dad's kids, with his sometimes very different family customs and traditions than those of my great grandpa?

Answer hint:
The Apostle Paul addresses this subject specifically And in several letters.

Such as:

1. You are baptized in Messiah into his death and into his life
2. You are Children of Abraham by faith (he never says you are children of Jacob by faith when you are followers of Jesus)

These are not metaphors.

This is a true description of how all families work, including Abraham's:

My Great grandfather Abraham had many more wives than Sarah, and many more physical and adopted children besides Isaac. Great grandpa Abraham had some very different cultural and family traditions than the branch of the family I am part of.

My father, Jacob, his family, my family has very different traditions and rules than our other extended family relatives. We celebrate holidays Abraham never celebrated, for example. We do not eat foods that they all get to eat.

Those adopted into great grandpa's family are NOT adopted into my father Jacob's family and not counted as Jacob's kids. Oh yeah, did you know that Jacob is my dad's birth name? God gave him a new name, and Jacob told us all about that wrestling thing that happened with Jesus before he was born as Jesus the human, so we believe our dads report of what happened, so we all call him the adopted name God gave him,so now daddy is called, Israel.

Anyway most of great grandpa's kids and lots of his great, great, etc, grandkids they live in and around Abraham's tent. Great Grandpa's tent is at the center of the tents of his many kids. My dad's tent is closer than all of them to great grandpa's. My uncle Ishmael's tent is really far away, but at least uncle Ishmael is in the same general region as dad's and Great Grandpa's. There are some of Great Grandpas kids who live in huge cities on the other side of the planet! But even that far away, those awesome aunties, uncle's and cousins share the same trust in God that we do. That's how we know that they're family even though I never get to see them! Some of them are so much like great grandpa you'd swear they weren't even adopted!

We do have some family problems with a lot uncle Ishmael's kids. There suren are a lot of those guys! We're trying to reconcile though. Even with the ones that don't take after great grandpa's ways.

For some reason I don't fully understand, God made Jacob's tent the leader of Abraham's family, but our job is not to "lord it over" all great grandpa's kids. We're supposed to lead like we are servents and be reconcilers and peacemakers. We are suppose to lead by that example, being servants to all, just like our real grandpa, Jesus. We don't like to talk about the grandpa he replaced. That grandpa hated Jacob and tried to give Jacob's tent to Jacob's Evil twin brother. God hated that uncle Esau a lot! He was so bad and his kids were so bad God made sure none are alive today. They tormented and tortured and killed us kids of Jacob for centuries! Even that evil pagan Roman emperor who thought he was a god had enough of evil uncle Esau's family. It a took few years, but after evil Esau Jr, Jr, Jr,Jr,Jr (or something like that) tried to kill new grandpa Jesus when Jesus was about 2-years old? That had something to do with it, I think. Grandson Esau Jr, Jr dude was named, "Herod the Great!" Talk about an ironic name! He sure was great! The greatest evil kid of uncle Esau!

Jesus makes the adoption into great grandpa's family legal by being Isaac's replacement sacrifice, the promised son and direct heir of Abraham. Maybe mean grandpa Isaac had a hardened heart toward God because of what happened? I have no idea, but us kids of Jacob are never supposed to even call God, "The God of Isaac".

We can call God the God of Abraham, we can call him the God of Jacob (or we can use daddy's adopted name, the God of Israel). We can even call God, the God of Abraham,Isaac and Jacob, because God said we can do that, but we don't know why. Whatever happened, it was bad enough even our brother, Moses told us the replacement Isaac would be a lot more like Moses, being a prophetc and have a worldview more like Abrahams. Abraham, Moses and Jesus all have this really awesome prophetic gift that runs in the family. It sorta skipped Isaac for some reason. Oh, and our brother Jeramiah who wrote that book, when he said in chapter 31 verse 31 that stuff about the "new covenant", lots of adopted kids think that's about my daddy's family, but it is actually about new grandpa Jesus being the sacrifice lamb that Isaac never was.

All people who are baptized into Jesus’ baptism by faith are considered kids of great grandpa Abraham (that was the ceremonial public washing of the Lamb of God that Abraham said God himself would be. Our brother, John the Baptist pointed out to us that Jesus was the replacement for grandpa Isaac, then when John protested that he couldn't Baptist Jesus, Jesus said this thing that made John realize he had to Baptist Jesus. I guess the phrase was, "we have to do this to "fulfill all righteous," which is a reference to Abraham's faith, meaning Jesus was the fulfillment of Abraham's total trust in God, no matter how painful). So, if you believe in Jesus, our other brother, the Apostle Paul said you'll are now considered Children of Abraham (Romans 9:8, Galatians 3:7, 29).

Here's how that Jesus thing works, as far as I understand it:
If you are Jewish (one of Jacobs kids) you are no longer connected to Abraham through faithless Isaac, But are now connected to Abraham through Abraham's real son who was born long after Isaac died, who also happens to be God's Son, who also happens to be the true Ruler of the World. Jesus is gathering adoptees from other nations into his dad's (Abraham's) and His dad's (God's) family, thus fulfilling the promise to great grandpa Abraham that he would be a father of many nations, but not all the nations. So, Jesus is making all the adoptees, many of Abraham physical kids, and many of us kids of Jacob into' both Of Jesus' daddys families at the same time. Seriously, who has two real daddys anyway? It's hard to get your head around. Sorta makes your eye twitch when when you think too hard about it.

Yeah, it can be hard to understand.

Jesus' Midrash (that's the word we kids of Jacob use, but a lot of the adopted family say, Hermeneutics instead, but hey, the differences are awesome, like a beautiful quilt with lots of different colors and shapes. Oh, even betteR! It is totally like our brother Joseph's many-colorrd coat that daddy Jacob gave him. Abraham's family is totally like that coat!). Sorry, I was talking about how Jesus tells us how this all works. That Midrash/Hermeneutic thing.

So, yeah, that's in Matthew 28:19a, "Therefore go and make disciples of all nations..." he was telling us kids of Jacob (those of us who had faith like Abraham did, not the other faithless kids), to do this job. Jesus specifically stated 'nations', not 'individuals'. This is intentional and specific to Jesus' supernatural daddy's promise to Abraham. Abraham was promised he'd be a daddy to many nations not just a bunch of individual wandering vagabonds.

Oh yeah, this one is a rabbit trail, but somehow Jesus is also this being called "The Word" who talked to Abraham. But that was before Jesus was born as a human. Yeah, I know. Crazy stuff. right? But I totally believe it because great grandpa Abraham did first. And he believed it before it even happened! I totally want to trust supernatural Daddy's Word, just like great grandpa always has!

Isn't it kewl that people all over the world practically beg to be adopted by Abraham? What Jesus did to make that happen is amazing...and painful! But that's another story. Jesus and Abraham are a lot alike, had a lot of painful stuff happen, and boy do they have the patients to wait thousands of years for Daddy in Heaven to bring it all together!

If you are not Jewish you are considered Adopted Children of Abraham, and full members of the household of God and the household of Abraham. That's awesome!

You are NOT adopted into Jacob (aka: Israel).

Let's get more serious:

People misapply Paul's statement in Ephesians 2:12, which says, "remember that you were at that time separated from Christ, alienated from the commonwealth of Israel and strangers to the covenants of promise, having no hope and without God in the world... "

Here is Paul's Midrashic point:
1. He is NOT saying you were alienated from Israel (Jacob Nation)
2. He did NOT say you were alienated from Israel's (Jacob'l Nation's) covenants and promises.

3. He IS saying you were alienated from the COMMONWEALTH of which Israel (Jacob Nation) is the head nation
4. He IS speaking to the Galatians as a NATION, not as individual people.
5. He IS teaching how God's Covenant with Abraham and Jesus' Midrash works.

6. The Covenants and Promises you were alienated from were NOT given to Israel (Jacob Nation), they were reaffirmed to Israel (Jacob Nation). They were GIVEN to ARBAHAM, and those NATIONS who choose be adopted into Abraham's family, to make Abraham their father.

7. This is the core of the problem: you are assuming being in the Commonwealth means being absorbed into Jacob Nation.

8. This is not what how the word, Commonwealth, is used by Paul, nor is it how it is used by Nations today.

For example:
1. There are or have been over 100 Nations in this world who are/were in the British Commonwealth. They are all considered British Citizens, or Citizens of the Commonwealth of Britain.
2. Scotland is in the British Commonwealth of Nations, as are Wales, England, Cornwall and Australia.
3. Australia is not England. Australia is not Scotland, not Wales, nor is it Canada, not Cornell.
4. Each is a separate Nation with their own unique laws and cultures.SOME of those laws are unified as part of the agreement or Bond of FELLOWSHIP between the many different and varied INDEPENDENT Nations.

Commonwealth of Israel means: Israel is the head Nation In a fellowship of Nations united under the Fatherhood of Abraham.


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