Major Rabbi Predicts Christians Will Be “Source of Torah” in Coming Days of Messiah

Rabbi Kanievsky seems to be saying that in the Messianic era, Christians and Muslims will be a source of Torah learning – and this phenomenon is appearing now. I am sure that many Hebrew Roots and Bnai Yosef (Two House), and other odd-ball groups excited by this story because they advocate doing keeping Torah commandments and Torah study. Many of whom believe there is not a New Covenant (even advocating ignoring the book of Hebrews), but that the so-called new covenant is actually a mistranslation and should be called the Renewed Mosaic Covenant that is expanded to include gentiles (thanks to Strong’s Concordance to giving a wrong translation of a Hebrew word).

What are your thoughts?



  • Wayne says:

    It’s shameful that those fleeing the deceit of Christianity are being led into the deceit of Judaism. The so called Hebrew Roots folks and other “odd ball groups” teach the sins of Judaism. Their first mistake is adopting the Babylonian lunar calendar of Judaism, just as Yahudah did during and after the exile. Though nowhere in scripture are we commanded to observe the moon, nor do we have scriptural instructions to formulate a lunar calendar. In fact we have several warnings not to do so. Taking up the Babylonian traditions of naming their days and months, Yahudah named it’s fourth month after the Babylonian king and god, tammuz. That must have been a real slap in the face to our Father. Their second mistake is adopting the Roman calendar day of Saturn as a weekly Sabbath on a calendar that didn’t exist before 46 BC. Both Christianity and Judaism are complicit in hiding the true Sabbath of our Father from those seeking the truth. Their third mistake is following the religious leaders of Judaism that are complicit in the on going sin of not observing the Sabbath of the land and Jubilee year of release by selling the farmers a permit to lease their farms to non-Jews during the Shmitah, as if they actually know when the Shmitah really is. The rabbis make money, the farmers make money, the non-Jews make money, but the land gets no rest. This same sin is what cost Yahudah it’s first temple. The remaing list of sins taught and observed by Judaism is quite lengthy.

    As for the book of Hebrews. The so called Paul is not and was not an apostle. Acts 9 tells us Paul admits he was willing to murder the real apostles and their followers for the sake of his religion at the command of the Pharisee. Mattithyahu tells us the name of Paul was not even considered when lots were drawn to replace Judas. No one calls Paul an apostle, but Paul. Revelation 2 tells us the Ephesians got an ATTA BOY for rejecting Paul and his teachings. Can’t argue with that.

    • TOV ROSE says:

      Wayne, interesting thoughts. Not sure they can all be substantiated. Do you have references you’d like to share?

      • Wayne says:

        Let’s use the references we don’t have. Nowhere in scripture are we gioven instructions to formulate a lunar calendar. You don’t even have instructions to determine a new moon. One man was given wisdom and authority to reveal the calendar of our Father, his name is Enoch, the seventh from Adam. The only scriptural instructions to formulate a calendar, are found in chapters 72-82 of the book of Enoch and confirmed in the book of Jubilees.
        As for the Roman calendar day of Saturn Sabbath. How do you explain this since the roman calendar didn’t exist before the year 46 BC.

        • Charles says:

          How many people hold that book to be true and inspired and add it to their canon?
          I do like the book but am not going to place such heavy emphasis on it as you do seeing how most do not even consider it Scriptural.

    • Charles says:

      Well I would say this “outs” you and your agenda of why you have been posting om the Hebrew Roots Learning Channel.

      Luckily for us all we have you and your divine wisdom (<= heavy on the sarcasm)