Patterns in the Bible

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Patterns in the Bible:

One of my classes in Seminary was an advanced study in Hebrew, specifically, the Psalms. We compared each Psalm in order while looking at how they "talk" to each other.

One psalm will start a pattern of words and phrases, the next psalm(s), will pick up those some words and phrases and expand upon them, often without repeating what the previous psalm said. Then we'd compare all the Psalms in one "book" to those in the next book, or future books.

It is really obvious in the Hebrew, that someone put together these very different forms of Hebrew literature, tweaked them to string them together into themes, telling a larger story.

Here is what most people do not realize about the Book of Psalms:

It is not supposed to be read as individual Psalms taken out of order. The Psalms express the character of a specific individual: The Messiah.

They are all about His emotions, struggles, triumphs, inner struggles, thoughts, characteristics...

When looked at in this way, it is an amazing book. Even in your own language!


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